A traditional definition of mindfulness is “present moment awareness,” (ie, not getting lost in thoughts or telling ourselves an unhelpful story over and over again.), but mindfulness has also come to represent a larger shift in our culture and for some people, is akin to words like “conscious,” “holistic” and “spiritual.” Mindfulness speaks to the fact that the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves., and yet we are social creatures living in an interdependent world. For this reason, courses and coaching at the Mindful Goods merges both: our relationship with ourselves and others. On this platform, founded in 2017, you will find information about my courses, services and writing, as well as resources, articles and essays about living mindfully. Thanks for dropping by.

More about me...

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The Mindful Goods came into being because it brings together some of my favorite things: meditation, writing and connecting with like-minded people. While I recently worked as a speechwriter for the United Nations, I came to believe that the path to world peace isn’t through institutions, but through individuals. It's not to say institutions can’t do great things, but as I say on the homepage, peace happens one person at a time.

Currently, I teach three courses related to mindfulness: Search Inside Yourself, Mindful Communications and Mindful Parenting. Over the past few years, I completed 100 hour teacher training from the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science in NYC and an intensive one year training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. (I got my parenting certificate in the school of hard knocks, raising toddler twins!)

Prior to this, I worked as a speechwriter for United Nations figureheads, celebrities and business personalities, and also taught speechwriting to UN staff. I have worked for a range of other organizations including, the World Bank, UNICEF, media outlet, think tanks and NGOs. Finally, I have written a number a theater plays and have had multiple productions, including one film adaptation. At the moment, I am working on a spiritual memoir about parenting.

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