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Happiness is a Skill!

This fall, learn how to rewire the brain for greater peace and fulfillment. Join us at the Common Room in Vienna, Austria for an Introduction to Mindfulness.

Thursday 19, September at 7pm


Bring Peace Home!

Move from yelling and power struggles to compassion and connection at home. Mindful Parenting begins this fall at the Common Room in Vienna, Austria.

First session begins Thursday 1, October at 7pm

Second session begins Tuesday 5, November at 7pm


Find Joy Through Gratitude!

It’s easy to see what’s going wrong in our lives. But what about what’s going right? This fall, supercharge your mindfulness practice with gratitude. Mindfulness and Gratitude begins this fall at the Common Room in Vienna, Austria.

26th September at 7pm

24th October

21st November


What are people saying?

"I would definitely recommend this course!! Since the class began, I've found myself trying to be more empathetic and a better listener. "

“I believe (this course) will be a path-opener to those who seek a more mindful, empathic, and humane parenting. This will also be a guideline to evaluate their relationship with other adults.”

"I just simply realized that staying in peace is sometimes more important than having a truth. That we are all human being with our own truth and emotions and I can still have mine without arguing. That dealing with negative experience is much easier for me now, since I was taking everything too personal."