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Happiness is a Skill: an introduction to mindfulness

Wednesday 23, October at Tribe.Space, Vienna (Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Wien)

Most of us want the same thing: to be happy. But so often our pesky thoughts and feeling keep getting in the way. In this introductory mindfulness workshop, we'll look at how being present, noticing thought patterns and rewiring the brain can lead to a genuinely fulfilling life.

Mindfulness has caught cultural fire because of all the countless (and proven!) benefits: increased focus, stress reduction and greater self-awareness, among them. This class will include working in pairs and two short meditations in a welcoming and supportive environment.

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Bring Peace Home! a 4 part workshop in Mindful

Many psychologists and neuroscientists agree that 0 to age 5 is the most important time in human development. During the latter stage of pregnancy and the earliest years of childhood, trillions of neurons are firing off at rapid speed, creating a child's brain architecture and laying the foundation for everything else that is to come. At the same time, it also happens to be a time when many children are incredibly needy, difficult and stubborn, and parents are sleep-deprived, grouchy and short-tempered!

How do we manage all that is going on within us, while ensuring things go as well as possible for our kids? I'd like to invite you on a 4-part Mindful Parenting journey. Mindful Parenting is connected, empathetic and compassionate - and ultimately creates a happier home. Participants learn new skills, build emotional resilience and improve family dynamics. Some topics covered are self-awareness, self-management, self-compassion, empathy and gratitude.

Next session begins Tuesday 5, November at 7pm at the Common Room (Florianigasse 54)

Find Joy Through Gratitude!

It’s easy to see what’s going wrong in our lives. But what about what’s going right? This fall, supercharge your mindfulness practice with gratitude. Mindfulness and Gratitude will be held at the Common Room in Vienna, Austria.

24th October

21st November

What are people saying?

"I would definitely recommend this course!! Since the class began, I've found myself trying to be more empathetic and a better listener. "

“I believe (this course) will be a path-opener to those who seek a more mindful, empathic, and humane parenting. This will also be a guideline to evaluate their relationship with other adults.”

"I just simply realized that staying in peace is sometimes more important than having a truth. That we are all human being with our own truth and emotions and I can still have mine without arguing. That dealing with negative experience is much easier for me now, since I was taking everything too personal."