Search Inside Yourself

“SIY and Abbie, our wonderful trainer, helped align the entire team "as humans". SIY is giving us a new beginning, helping to foster a culture around our values. Kind of like a reset from before, a new beginning around kindness, compassion, self-awareness. There was a special energy in the room, a different way of being together with our colleagues when the focus was not on what needs to get done. I am extremely grateful that people felt that SIY will be beneficial for them personally as much as at work. “ Lucia, NGO Founder

I just wanted to thank you once again for the workshop weekend! I noted a lot of take away points and resolved just yesterday a 'difficult conversation' that was in mind for some time. Luisa, Communications Officer

“The most valuable for me were the methods about dealing with stress situations and difficult conversations or painful experiences. Also the part of listening to myself, where I´d like to be in few years.. this part actually helped me realize what I really want to achieve and how I want my life to look like. I think the most important part was putting it all down on a paper, not just having it on my mind, cause it made me really think about it. Suddenly it became real and I cannot wait to publish my first own book :)” Anonymous

“I just simply realized that staying in peace is sometimes more important than having a truth. That we are all human being with our own truth and emotions and I can still have mine without arguing. That dealing with negative experience is much easier for me now, since I was taking everything too personal." Anonymous

"I was relaxed, learned how to relax quickly also in difficult situations, got to know colleagues better, learned more about emotional intelligence and how to train it, got an idea of concrete steps for improving productivity, concentration, relationships..." Anonymous

Mindful Parenting

“I was very satisfied with this course. I enjoyed learning the terms of mindfulness in English, and how to transfer the mindfulness to parenting. I felt a change in my attention to the events that happens with my kids in everyday life, and appreciated that our teacher has knowledge of the subject, fluent lecture, and pleasant body language.” Tzeela, Diplomat

“This class was really good and helpful. It was so nice to share our experiences and learn from each other. The awareness is coming slowly but for sure.” Ozlem, Business Owner

"I would definitely recommend this course!! Since the class began, I've found myself trying to be more empathetic and a better listener. "  Keren, Diplomat

“I would recommend this course without doubt. I believe it will be a path-opener to those who seek a more mindful, empathic, and humane parenting. This will also be a guideline to evaluate their relationship with other adults.” Anonymous

Mindful Communications (formerly Mindful Speech)

“Thank you again for a thought provoking and dare I say 'mindful' class ! I certainly feel I have a different approach towards giving speeches and feel better positioned to use some of the negative thoughts and emotions in more constructive manner.” Donald, United Nations

“I read a number of articles about mindfulness recently, but I think that thanks to this class I finally understand the essence of it and how to apply it in life in general. Writing a speech was never an issue for me, but delivering it is a whole different story, so I think this class presented me with techniques that could help me overcome that fear or at least deal with it..” Andrea, UNICEF


“Abigail and I worked together when I needed a speaker and trainer for a speech-writing class for 42 United Nations staff members. She designed and delivered an extremely insightful session, which met the learning needs of course participants as she managed to highlight the features and techniques of a successful speech in the United Nations context in clear and effective manner. The learning material she put forward was innovative, fresh and easy to apply and included two mindful bits. Participants widely appreciated her session as she received a final evaluation of 5.5 out 6.0. I will surely ask for her support again in the future, as her professionalism and energy proved essential to the success of the course.” Brando, UN Staff College

“I had the opportunity to work with Abigail when I needed help in writing a keynote presentation for a large conference. With little time to prepare, Abbie jumped right in and took on the task. We spent a bit of time on the telephone getting acquainted and she immediately picked up my "voice." Her first draft was 85% spot on and with a few revisions, she delivered in 48 hours a dynamic, informative and inspirational speech. I delivered it to a large audience the next day and it was a huge hit. If you need help with a short presentation or a major keynote, Abbie has the ability to learn quickly and communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way that inspires. I will definitely call on her again and look forward to working with her for years to come.” John, CEO