Mindful Parenting: Bringing Peace Home

Mindful Parenting at the Common Room this fall!

Being emotionally attuned to our children confers lifelong benefits. This course is designed to connect parents in a safe and non-judgmental environment as we explore how to bring more mindfulness, calm and insight into our homes. Participants learn new skills, build emotional resilience and improve family dynamics.

This is a four part course (each session is 1.5 hours):

1) Introduction to Mindfulness

2) Self Awareness and Self-Management

3) Self-Compassion and Empathy

3) Resilience and Gratitude

Courses for the fall of 2019 will begin on 1st October and 5th November at 7pm. If there is interest, a morning session will begin on 4th November. More information can be found on the Common Room Website.

Please drop me a note for my further interest.

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