What does "Living Mindfully" mean to you? 

March, 2018

Our Endangered Presence

(aka: Life in the Smartphone Lane)

Ping. Beep. Buzz. Flash. Your phone wants your attention, right now. It just has to tell you that someone texted or liked your Instagram post, or that there’s Breaking News! And while you're at it, check your email, because you haven’t in five or ten minutes.

Suzan Colón, yoga teacher, spiritual surfer and author of Yoga Mind

Clarence Edwards, Policy Advocate and Strategist 


February, 2018

When the End is the Beginning

I went through the majority of my adult life with few problems or serious challenges. Life was progressively moving upward; job I wanted, wife I dreamt of having. It wasn’t perfect, but it was going there...

January, 2018

Confessions of a Therapist: I Hated Mindfulness

What I have to say about mindfulness is incomplete if I don’t tell you this first:  I am a therapist who used to hate mindfulness.  More

Adele pic.jpg

Adele Somma, Therapist and Social Worker 


Officer Jon Carson, A Mindful Cop

December, 2017

Becoming a Mindful Cop

Recently, I was at a conference where Dr. Dan Siegel said that “consciousness is necessary for change.” We are in a time of a gigantic shift in humanity and policing. I believe that moving forward, police officers are becoming more conscious of the deep impacts we have on our communities.  More

November, 2017

Letting Go

To me, living mindfully is living inside the space of what actually is, instead of what we think it should be. It took me years of pain to learn this. More

Rachel Darden Bennett, Actress and Yoga Instructor



Leah Bonnvisuto, Bespoken

October, 2017

Using Mindfulness to Prep Me for Motherhood: Practicing presence during pregnancy.

Tight chest. Racing thoughts. Suffocation. It was so familiar it was almost comforting.

What began as social anxiety turned into panic after I witnessed the September 11th attacks in 2001. I wouldn’t be diagnosed with PTSD until fifteen years later, but for more than a decade the symptoms of Anxiety Disorder NOS followed me around like a cloud. More