Issue 8, Week of October 29 

This Week's Goods...


What Your Office is Missing. Why, the Pause Pod, of course! The Pod is clearly meant for days when the office chair just doesn't cut it.  While the Twitter crowd is having fun mocking the new product, the Pod did pretty well on Kickstarter and Indiegogo raising "more than $140,000 across the two platforms from backers keen to see the project become a reality." While one can't help but smile at an office meditation tent, there could be something to it. Maybe stepping away from the desk into a Pod really does offer a sense of escape. The Pod costs $100 USD and for $25 extra you can add a starry star.  But why Pod-makers are you blocking out 99% of light? The Daily Mail

The Next Wave in Tech.  Meditating with a pair of VR goggles may not seem like quickest way to relax, but nonetheless, VR meditation is the next wave in mindfulness apps.  This article reviews six of them, each offering different specialties - from Tai Chi exercises to engaging with "10 objects...that visually represent your breath in real time" - like a pumping heart or a colorful orb.  Oh yes, we know that colorful orb. For a taste of what it feels like, check out the link below about an app aptly called Guided Meditation VR. 

Yeah, it's a Stretch, but...  When the mindfulness skeptics start speaking out, one of their complaints is that mindfulness is being touted for everything under the sun.  This article encapsulates that sentiment with the claim that mindfulness can improve your dating life.  And yet at the same time, they're probably right! From their words: "A new study from eharmony and Stop, Breathe & Think, a meditation app, say that members who used Stop Breathe & Think were viewed on eharmony more by their matches, and were more successful in communicating with their matches compared to non-mediators."  Ok, it's clearly a PR campaign and yet...  Hollywood Life

Business Ethics Through Meditation.  We like it already!  This article dovetails nicely with this week's reflection (Can Meditation Make You Narcissistic?) A cross-sectional survey of 400 young professionals and students from India demonstrated that mindfulness "decreases egocentric bias and increases compassion. This leads to high levels of moral reasoning." The study was published in the journal Business Ethics: A European Review and researchers claim, it's the "first-of-its-kind study in the field of psychology and management where the impact of mindfulness practice is clearly shown on moral reasoning of young adult population." Financial Express

High Tech Breathing?  This new mindfulness app - Mindz - is the first to give us feedback on how well we're doing. "You simply pop the iPhone on your abdomen and either sit or lie in a comfortable position. After choosing how many mindful breaths you want to take, you should tap the screen every time you inhale. If you get it right, a bell will ring; and there will be tell-tale silence if you don't."  It sounds a little weird, but who knows - we haven't tried it. Heart UK

It's Not All Serious. With a title like "Existentialism, meditation and flatulence" how could it be?  You decide if you're ready for this. The Chronicle (Duke University) 

A Personal Reflection...

Can Meditation Make You Narcissistic? In the past, my first impulse to this question has simply been: no, meditation cannot make you more narcissistic.  The Mindful Goods

Something to Take Forward...

“They say the longest journey a human can take is from the head to the heart. Many of you have discovered that this journey is full of tests, and that the heart can be broken wide open in the process. Yet the heart has such transformative powers that it can expand beyond the confines of every form of hurt and hatred to embrace violently paired opposites and transmute every schism with love and compassion.” James O’Dea