Issue 22, Week of April 2nd 


The Goods...

Coping with a Chaotic White House. Many of us worry about the decisions of our current government, and with good reason.  But here's one upside: the current Pres is good for meditation. "Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub said that he implemented group meditation sessions in his office to cope with the 'chaos' of President Trump’s administration." And not too surprisingly, "Headspace founder and narrator Andy Puddicombe told CNBC that the app saw a 44 percent increase in usage in the week after the election."  The Hill

App of the Year (aka Calm) is Now Worth $250 Million. Further to the above, Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm - the 2017 Apple App of the Year - credits much of their success to the President. "Donald Trump is not to everyone's taste and he makes some people angry and frustrated. Learning to be more mindful and relaxing and calming people has proved to be particularly popular this year." CNBC

Your New AI App Buddy. The new app, Maslo, founded by two Google alums is a mindfulness app plus. Using your input - ie, what you share with it - Maslo will become your new pal and companion. "Once downloaded, Maslo is a voice-activated journaling tool with a basic status update feature that encourages users to log an emoji representation of their emotional state at a particular moment and spend a minute talking to the app about what’s going on. The idea, the founders say, is to have Maslo evolve and personalize as users interact with it." Tech Crunch

NBA Partners with Headspace. "The NBA has partnered with Headspace to provide all league and team employees across the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League and its NBA 2K esports league access to the meditation and mindfulness app. In exchange, the NBA will codevelop mental training content with Headspace this summer designed to prepare athletes at all levels for competition, which it will share on its mobile app. 'The focus in sports training has often been exclusively on physical conditioning, but as top athletes at all levels have increasingly learned, mental fitness is also a critical determinant of success,' NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement." Sport Techie


And the studies say...

Improved Focus As We Age. "Regular and intensive meditation sessions over the course of a lifetime could help a person remain attentive and focussed well into old age. This is according to the most extensive longitudinal study to date examining a group of meditation practitioners. Published in Springer's Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, the research evaluates the benefits that people gained after three months of full-time meditation training and whether these benefits are maintained seven years later."  Science Daily

Better Sex for Women. "Women who regularly engage in meditative activities are likely to report better sexual functioning and higher sexual desire, says a study published recently in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy." Tech Times


Something to take forward... 


"I can't control some of the crazy things that are going on around the planet. But I can control whether or not I speak to people with dignity and love. That choice I do have. So I suppose it's about very simple things.  I think by personal change we can change the entire world.  I know that sounds deep, but it's actually from Rocky 4."  Russel Brand