Issue 21, Week of March 18th

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Are you pregnant or know someone who is?  Please share this free meditation for pregnant women.  The Mindful Goods

Also, all retreats featured in the Mindful Goods can now be found on the Retreats page.


The Goods...

The Proof is in the Safety Record. A Canadian power company turned to mindfulness as part of its corporate health and safety strategy and look at the incredible results: "This strategy has resulted in NB Power having their best safety record in its history for three consecutive years. As well, medical aid events were reduced by 97 per cent, disabling events reduced by 99 per cent and Workers' Compensation Board rates reduced by more than 60 per cent."  Globe and Mail (Canada)

One Bite at a Time. Just reading this article may make you realize how not mindfully you're eating (true for me!), which may be working against us if we want to lose weight. "At least three recent studies have suggested that mindful eating can improve weight-loss efforts and combat obesity."  In fact just moving from being a "fast eater" to a "slow eater" can have tremendous results.  Washington Post

The "Manliest Men" (and Women) in the Alaskan Shipyard. At Vigor Alaska, "crews meditate, stretch and socialize – on the clock – for a few moments at the start of each workday. Every Wednesday, around lunch time, they’re given more time to meditate." Part of a "whole human model" of management, it seems to be good for business and staff morale. But does it mean everyone's on board? One crew member say the stretching is ok but "that meditation shit? Not so much.” The Guardian

A Glimmer for the Severely Depressed. The dark claws of major depression are usually considered too deep to be loosened by mindfulness alone. But this study shows that consistent practice leads to fewer incidences of major depression in those already struggling with subclinical depression. "At 12 months, the researchers found that the subjects in the mindfulness meditation group were less likely to have developed Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) than those who received usual care; MDD was identified in 10.8 percent of participants in the mindfulness meditation group, compared with 26.8 percent in the usual care group." Medical News Today


Where to retreat... 


Dhamma Sīmanta Vipassana Meditation Center. Lamphun, Thailand. I've always been intrigued by 10 day silent Vipassana retreats, so much so that I once registered (though later backed out). This article has me googling "silent retreats" all over again.  It's not for the faint of heart - or so I'm told - but the results can be transformative. From the author: "My retreat took me on a tour through every possible emotion, dragging up memories I didn't realize I still had. It was intense and rigorous, an experience closer to a surgical procedure than a relaxing holiday. But after a few days, I began to notice actual results." The author retreats in Thailand but there are 182 centers all over the world. Payment is donation only. Insider

Living Mindfully... 


Suzan Colón is author of the new book Yoga Mind. Read her all-too-true insights on smartphone addiction.

"Ping. Beep. Buzz. Flash. Your phone wants your attention, right now. It just has to tell you that someone texted or liked your Instagram post, or that there’s Breaking News! And while you're at it, check your email, because you haven’t in five or ten minutes." The Mindful Goods


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