Issue 20, Week of March 4th

Little French Retreat.  Montesquieu, France.

Little French Retreat. Montesquieu, France.

The Goods...

Lifting the Black Cloud. This powerful first-person narrative offers insight on breaking free from depression. "I had been clinically depressed for more than 15 years. I thought this disorder would last forever. No one had ever suggested that I could change these thought patterns that made me worried and anxious." Washington Post

An International Congress. A few months ago, I shared a from the Carnegie Council on mindfulness making a debut among international politicians. has more details: " a room filled with politicians from diverse nations, there was palpable agreement that something like this could never have happened 10 years ago—that while the world is experiencing some frighteningly divisive energies, elsewhere boundaries are breaking down in quite a radical way."

In the Era of Mass Shootings. How can mindfulness address mass shootings or other kinds of social upheaval? Surely, there are a range of interpretations and here are two: from Tricycle, a pragmatic take that breaks down the issues ("...we’re left with a deep challenge for the mindful activist: loosening the grip of emotional reactions—like fear and outrage—that might have been energizing in their own way, while preserving a different kind of energy, a tightly focused concern that can coexist with equanimity"); and a philosophical take from the Lion's Roar about returning to the place of not-knowing.

Headspace + Nike "NikePlus members can now crush two wellness goals at once through the brand’s collaboration with Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app supplying guided workouts for the Nike+ Training Club app." PSFK

Dreaming of retreat... 

Little French Retreat. Montesquieu, France. The Little French Retreat sounds like the delightful escape we all should be taking. "A typical day on most retreats might begin with a two-hour yoga and breathing class, followed by a massage or circle work, with a walk in the afternoon, and meditation and more yoga to end the day."  Recommended for "anyone looking for an authentic, rejuvenating space run by someone who cares. There’s a great sense of non-judgmental community on this retreat. It may not suit those who do not want to interact much with others." The Times (UK)

Want to teach...? 

Mindfulness veterans Tara Brach and Jack Kornfeld head this two year program with a range of exciting guest teachers. "Our certification program has both psychological and spiritual depth. It combines powerful online learning and two in-person events, as well as online training sessions with guest teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dan Siegel, and many more." Join in person for two three-day workshops in the Washington, DC area or participate in the live-streaming from anywhere in the world.  Sounds True

Something to take forward... 

"It’s not enough to just sit on our meditation cushions, write in our journals, attend weekend workshops, or talk to our therapists. We have to become conscious about how we’re the source of keeping our old stories alive, and of how we unconsciously pull on others to validate them." Katherine Woodward Thomas