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Issue 19, Week of February 18th


When the End is the Beginning... 

I went through the majority of my adult life with few problems or serious challenges. Life was progressively moving upward; I had the job I wanted, wife I dreamt of having. It wasn’t perfect, but it was going there...

Clarence Edwards, Policy Analyst and Strategist


Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan


"The Tyranny of Relentless Positivity." This title caught my attention, but the content is valuable too. Being mindful means being with all of it - the good, the not so good and the really not so good. According to the author: "In a survey I recently conducted with over 70,000 people, I found that a third of us—a third—either judge ourselves for having so-called “bad emotions,” like sadness, anger or even grief." Mindful

Nicer? Not so much... Not so fast Dalai Lama (and your claim about meditation ending violence in a generation.) This meta-study finds that meditating does not make you any nicer or more compassionate than say, watching a nature flick. "[Researchers] found that meditation did not significantly reduce aggressive or prejudice behaviors. Further, the practice didn’t help make people more socially connected. The team determined that most of the studies had weak methodologies. Specifically they found that studies on which the meditation teacher was a co-author produced more positive results, hinting at biases and weaknesses in the research."  Newsweek

Try Therapy Instead. This article reminds us that while meditation has very useful applications re: mental health, it can't do it all. As detailed here, pathologies like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Narcissism may require the support of therapist or psychiatrist.Tricycle.

Is This Yogi in Hiding? Of all the allegations that have come up during the #MeToo sweep, the ones about Russell Simmonssurprised me most. Simmons is well known as a vegan and meditation/yoga advocate, so the accusations (which he denies) hit extra hard. According to this piece, Simmons has turned toward his spiritual practices in the aftermath of the accusations and is spending time in Bali. He's also supposedly writing a book about "spirituality, healing and yoga." Page Six

America's Largest Police Force.  We were proud to bring you the first person account of Canadian Officer Jon Carson on becoming amindful cop. Now we're excited to see that America's largest police force (NYPD) is getting mindfulness training. "Reverend Qalvy Grainzvolt, lead meditation guide at The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being, is training officers at the New York City Police Academy to offer basic meditation practices to their peers. The meditation block is part of the Crisis Intervention Team training that is required of all of the approximately 36,000 officers on the force."Tricycle


On the Bookshelf...

Strength in Stillness, by Bob Roth. Famous Transcendental Meditation (TM) guru is making the rounds with his new book, and articles about him and his celebrity clientele (Jerry Seinfeld, Javanka and others) are popping up everywhere.  


Dreaming of Retreat...

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah. "This remote 600-acre hideaway is tucked in a protected valley with spectacular, sweeping views of the majestic Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, surrounded by a raw landscape that creates an awe-inspiring and humbling experience."  Vanity Fair

Something to take forward... 

"Night is closing in. It is time for sleep. I have walked a quiet path today. I have done no great good, no great harm. I might have wished for more — some dramatic occurrence, something memorable. But there was no more. This was the day I was given, and I have tried to meet it with a humble heart." Kent Nerburn