This Week's Goods...

Issue 17, Week of January 21st

In the spirit of benevolent nepotism, this Week's Goods features a beautiful essay by my sister, Adele - a (former) mindfulness-hating therapist. 

This Week's Goods

Ten Guided Practices. Here are the top 10 most popular guided mindfulness practices from in 2017. Mindful

More Mobile Meditation. A new meditation bus is in town - this time in NYC's Madison Square Park. Be Time "will offer 30-minute meditation classes from within its movable studio for a drop-in fee of $22—though your first visit is just $10. New locations will be made available at the Be Time website and on social media."  Curbed

Break from Tech (with tech). Can your phone help you disconnect from your phone?  That's the goal of Arianna Huffington's new Thrive App. "You decide when to put your phone into 'Thrive Mode,' which limits all notifications, calls, and texts except for those from people you’ve specified on your VIP List." Thrive Global

The Best Books. These two articles offer a range of books for your mindful reading list. In this piece, a meditation teacher lists her favorite go-to books for timeless wisdom (including classic authors like Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron), while the latter article rounds up an impressive list of more modern recommendations, including 10% Happier and the Mindful Workplace.  Ozy and Evening Standard

Talk about Commodification.  KFC, what are you doing? The way KFC has tried to merge the meditative experience with um...the chicken pot pie is... unique. "The videos are designed to 'take listeners on a journey of comfort as they drift in a warm and peaceful sea of steam, floating amidst tender chicken and veggies, enveloped by a golden, flaky crust,' says the agency." Ok...  Adweek

Mindfully Manage Money.  "As many people who’ve struggled with impulse purchases know, avoiding going down rabbit holes — and staying present — can be key to financial success. 'Money is something that a lot of couples and individuals tend to avoid talking about, so once you can set your intentions and know what your goals are, it’s easier to do,' says Liz Carroll, co-founder of

Living Mindfully...

Confessions of a Therapist: I Hated Mindfulness
by Adele Somma

What I have to say about mindfulness is incomplete if I don’t tell you this first:  I am a therapist who used to hate mindfulness. The Mindful Goods

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Something to take forward... 

"A lot of the time we think we know who we are. And we have a whole story about who we are...and that story is just not big enough. How much of the story is about how beautiful you are? How much is the story about how large your heart is when it's at your most content, your happiest?" Jon Kabat-Zinn