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Issue 16, Week of January 14th

Meditation Room at the United Nations,  UN Photo

Meditation Room at the United Nations, UN Photo

From Mindful Goods founder Abigail Somma: A bunch of years ago, I wrote a play that imagined the inner life of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold. One of the reasons I loved him so is because he decided the UN needed a meditation room. This was back in the 1950s and few people were thinking that way. Some seven decades later, the idea that the path to world peace might actually be an inner journey is not so absurd. Read more here: Ethics and International Affairs

Aetna Goes All Out. Fascinating article on all that insurance giant Aetna is doing for their employees's well-being. We can't vouch for it, but all looks great here including this: "Recently, Aetna built a Mindfulness Center at their corporate headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, because they wanted to have a place for people to practice mindfulness inside the building. They even have some pet therapy, where pet therapists come in with animals and employees line up to spend time with the pets."  Huffington Post

21 Products You Don't Need. Mindfulness doesn't begin or end with anything you can buy here but some of these products look worth exploring anyway, e.g., a bunch of good books, the Power of the Heart, and Sneaky Cards. Bustle

Retreat Time. From Sicily to Switzerland to Spain and beyond, the Guardian lists its favorite "yoga trips, meditation breaks and fitness holidays" of 2018. The Guardian

The Future of Napping. Wouldn't be nice if the daily nap (aka the siesta) made its way into our cultures. The founders of recharj, a meditation and power nap studio based in the DC area, hope to do just that. They brought their idea to ABC's Shark Tank, where it tanked, but that hasn't stopped them from opening another studio in Bethesda.  Washington Business Journal

They say mindfulness helps with...

Becoming a nicer person. "The research, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, found that mindfulness training inspired people to be kinder and more empathetic to a stranger who had been ostracized during a simulated online scenario."  TIME

Reducing Stress for Students During Exam Time. Eight weeks of mindfulness training made students feel significantly less distressed, more so than the control group who received only mental health support. "Lead author Dr Julieta Galante said: 'Students who had been practising mindfulness had distress scores lower than their baseline levels even during exam time, which suggests that mindfulness helps build resilience against stress'."  Daily Mail


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(or so says my tea bag...)

(or so says my tea bag...)