Issue 15, Week of January 7th

This Week's Goods...

Ten "hot" apps. Or so says Forbes.  It seems there's no slowing down the appetite for apps, and these "10 life-changing meditation apps... will serve as an athletics coach to your focus and mind."  Forbes

Connecting with Your Cocktail.  This article explores the rise of "mindful drinking." Yes, there's a class for that - and other options to curb the craving.  "At the mindful drinking classes Lodro Rinzler runs at his New York-based meditation studio MNDFL, students take time to smell, taste and fully experience their cocktails, with the goal of staying present and analyzing the physical and psychological effects of drinking." TIME

Your Perfect Match. MeetMindful, the App, is here to help make 2018 the year for the one. "MeetMindful has the stats to back up its method, with 75 percent of users who change their Facebook status to 'taken' after using the app reporting that they’re more satisfied with their new relationship than with previous ones, according to [CEO Amy] Baglan. The high success rate (and rave reviews from users) stem from a thoughtful online dating experience in which very detailed profiles identify interests like fitness, spirituality, dietary preferences, and more." WellandGood

Americans and Meditation. Americans are meditating across religions. A good portion of us do so regularly (40% do so at least weekly) and a good portion not at all (45% seldom or never do). Interesting to note in light of how divided the country is. Pew Research Center

Rising in China. "Despite rapid economic progress, many Chinese people are scrambling for meaning in their lives. 'They do not want to face their loneliness, boredom, and anxiety, so they use their phones to cover it up,' observes Bo Shao, founding partner at the renowned Chinese venture capital fund, Matrix Partners China."  Forbes

Mindfulness + Story. Meet StoryUp: merging the power of meditation and story.  In addition to meditations, this VR app offers "uplifting and powerful stories about bravery and resilience." According to the piece, "The StoryUP app is waking us up and restoring our empathy one story at a time, one mindset at a time." VR Fitness

Also worth a look...


* I tried mindfulness to quit drinking. It actually worked.

* Developing mindfulness for children living in post-war Northern Uganda

* Meditation and Mindfulness: Treatment for Incarcerated Women

* Falcons’ mindfulness training is paying dividends


On the bookshelf...

Leading from Within: Conscious Social Change and Mindfulness for Social Innovation. The compelling excerpt starts with: "I have always had great difficulty asking for money—which is unfortunate for the founder and director of a nonprofit organization that depends on the donations of others to do its work." Stanford Social Innovation Review

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. "Imagine having one of the worst days of your professional life play out in front of 5 million people. "ABC News anchor Dan Harris doesn't have to. In 2004, he had a panic attack on live TV after years of working in war zones and using drugs to cope with the stress. But that mortifying moment led him to take up meditation." Harris now has a new book out: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. "In it, he set out to discover why it's so tough to start and stick with the practice." NPR

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The Conscious Business World Summit. "Through the intersection of sustainability, conscious leadership and purpose-driven business, we will unlock the formula to make a real and lasting impact in the world – while being more profitable than ever. Deep dive into a week of best practice presentations, intimate 1:1 interviews and dynamic roundtable discussions with the leaders of the conscious business movement."


Less News in 2018!

"The 2nd of January, the kids were back at school and for the first time in weeks, I had a moment to myself. The first meditation of the new year..." 

The Mindful Goods


Something to take forward... 

A question to ask ourselves: who do I need to become this year to live the life I'd most want to live?