Issue 13, Week of December 10th 

This Week's Goods...


A VC Fund That Battles Loneliness. The nonprofit Evolve Foundation has raised $100 million for a new fund called the Conscious Accelerator.  The fund will support technology that combats loneliness, purposelessness, fear and anger. Tech Crunch

Really Conscious Co-working "Located just south of Midtown Manhattan, the Assemblage’s NoMad location aspires to offer more than just a place to work. The building is as much a new age clubhouse as it is a workspace; members are invited to partake in nightly events like Kabbala workshops and Consciousness Hacking, converge for daily, Ayurvedic meals, and even take breaks to meditate in crystal-laden rooms adjacent to work stations." Inverse

Don't Expel; Restore and Repair.  A 2015 law passed in Illinois made school expulsions the punishment of last resort and a year later, expulsions dropped 28%. This article looks at how five schools have implemented the new law using a range of promising techniques: de-escalation, mindfulness, trauma-informed-teaching and restorative practices, which are based on "a philosophy of repairing harm after an offense." NPR Illinois

Silicon Valley Awakening. Where are Silicon Valley's techies going to heal their souls and reflect on the meaning of their work? The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. "The new sessions in 2018 are aimed at the workers building virtual reality, artificial intelligence and social networks. 'They wonder if they’re doing the right thing for humanity,' said Esalen executive director Ben Tauber. 'These are questions we can only answer behind closed doors'." New York Times

Helping At-Risk Youth Cope. "A long-term study by the University of Cincinnati looks at the link between stressful life events and an increase in substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors and delinquency in a diverse population of 18- to 24-year-old youths." The findings: Positive coping behaviors, such a mindfulness, can have a protective effect. Says one of the researchers,"Mindfulness-based yoga programs designed to improve the ability to cope are needed at earlier ages in schools to help vulnerable youths channel their skills more effectively." Science Daily

$350 Meditation Glasses from Deepak. And a not so flattering review: "If you are cool spending $350 on a knockoff acid trip, some clunky hardware, and a headache, I would strongly recommend getting your face on the Dream Master." Gizmodo

Something to take forward... 

"Transformative power is discovered in the dark—in questions and doubts, seldom in the answers." Richard Rohr