Issue 12, Week of December 3rd 

This Week's Goods...


Life at the top. Author Tim Ferriss has a new book out called theTribe of Mentors, which he says was just as much for him as for his readers. "After having 140 people at the top of their fields answer the same 11 questions, Ferriss was surprised by one finding. 'Despite the fact that these are people from tennis to surfing to cryptocurrency to fill-in-the-blank, like any field you can possibly imagine — some type of morning mindfulness or meditation practice would span I'd say 90% of the respondents'." Business Insider

Get your museum on. "Many museums are incorporating wellness into their programming by offering courses in subjects like yoga and meditation that often mirror the aesthetics or philosophy of their collections." New York Times

Yoga room OR locker room. "The [Seattle] Seahawks aren't the only team finding success with mental discipline training. The Indianapolis Colts, the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons, who made it to the Super Bowl in 2016, have included some form of this training as a part of their programs." CNN

Kardashian anxiety. Why Kim teamed up with Spotify on a new meditation playlist: "Ever since Kim K was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel back in October 2016, she's been fairly open about the intense anxiety she's dealt with in the months after the traumatic incident." Elite Daily

Two peas in a pod?  Can tech and breath coexist? From the founder of buddhify,  Rohan Gunatillake: “Everyone talks about digital detox and turning off your phones. If your one strategy in dealing with technology is to run it off, that’s rubbish. It’s up to us as individuals and as a culture I guess to become more literate in ways of engaging with technology that is actually good for us and starting to develop healthy behaviours.” The Courier

Who's meditating...?

From the looks of it, lots of people. This is just a sample of some of the articles from the last weeks: 

Prisoners. "Just four months in prison can negatively affect a person’s cognitive abilities and impulse control, according to findings published in Criminal Justice and Behavior... The good news is some combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training can reverse the damage." Penn Current

Teachers. “I’ve got all these great tips for math. I can teach kids algebra,” one teacher said. “But I don’t even know how to make a 14-year-old boy sit for five minutes and not be aware of the girl sitting next to him or his best friend sitting across the aisle.” Santa Fe New Mexican

Soldiers and Vets. "Early research is showing people who practice mindfulness regularly are less stressed and anxious. There are also signs that it can help make troops more combat-ready, helping them react quicker and also pay attention better and for longer periods of time." News 4 San Antonio

Police Officers. "Findings of a pilot study suggest a positive relationship between mindfulness training and measures such as sleep quality, officers’ perceived stress and symptoms of burnout." University of Wisconsin Madison News

CEOs. "A growing number—including the chiefs of Inc., Whole Foods Market, Aetna Inc., and Williams-Sonoma Inc. —meditate to lower their stress and boost productivity." The CEO of Tupperware, Rick Goings, tries not to miss a day. The Wall Street Journal (Paywall)

They say mindfulness helps with...

Waiting for bad news. "We know that meditation is a great way to reduce everyday stress, but our study is the first to see if it also makes it easier to wait for personally significant news. This study is also one of the first to identify any strategy that helps people wait better, and it also shows that even brief and infrequent meditation can be helpful." Medical Express.

Keeping the weight off. "If you manage to lose weight but struggle to keep it off, you may want to consider taking up mindfulness meditation." Daily Mail

Cold, clammy hands. "When you get anxious, you sweat—then that sweat causes even more anxiety. Since the condition is triggered by stress and anxiety, the cycle basically just keeps repeating itself. That’s where mindfulness comes in." Well and Good

Looking for an app...?

A review of Headspace. "Adding meditation to my daily routine was difficult at first. But after I familiarized myself with the practice and found my own meditation groove, Headspace has since become an invaluable tool that I use each day." Ars Technica


An ancient practice is now a billion dollar industry. Should people make money from mindfulness?  Here are our about yours? The Mindful Goods

Something to take forward... 

"We draw into our lives—inexorably, unintentionally, with maddening repetitiveness—exactly the things that lead most directly to awakening. In many cases, that’s our deepest suffering." Martha Beck