Bring Mindfulness Home or to Work

One insight can change everything.


Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is the renown mindfulness and emotional intelligence course founded at Google in 2007. Results show the program reduces stress, improves focus, raises peak performance, and improves interpersonal relationships. SIY was developed by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology and has spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world. This course is available to organizations in a variety of formats: 90 minute keynote, 1/2 day program, 1 day program or 2 day program.


Introduction to Mindfulness

We all know life can be pretty crazy, scary, ambiguous, uncertain, complicated - etc, etc, at times! In introduction to mindfulness, we’ll learn a little bit about what meditation can do to help us navigate through with more ease and we’ll practice two five minute meditations. Since mindfulness is actually just one kind of mediation, we’ll also learn about other ways we can bring more presence and stillness to our lives.

Mindfulness and Gratitude

In Mindfulness and Gratitude, we’ll supercharge our practice by infusing it with gratitude. It’s so easy to complain about what’s not working in our lives and this class is designed to rewire our brains to see what’s going right!

Mindful Parenting

Many psychologists and neuroscientists agree that 0 to age 5 is the most important time in human development. During the latter stage of pregnancy and the earliest years of childhood, trillions of neurons are firing off at rapid speed, creating a child's brain architecture and laying the foundation for everything else that is to come. At the same time, it also happens to be a time when many children are incredibly needy, difficult and stubborn, and parents are sleep-deprived, grouchy and short-tempered! How do we manage all that is going on within us, while ensuring things go as well as possible for our kids? I'd like to invite you on a 4-part Mindful Parenting journey. Mindful Parenting is connected, empathetic and compassionate - and ultimately creates a happier home. Participants learn new skills, build emotional resilience and improve family dynamics. Some topics covered are self-awareness, self-management, self-compassion, empathy and gratitude.


Mindful Communications

This course for organizations is about how to create environments where people communicate with presence, authenticity and genuine listening. Communicating mindfully means speaking with intention and drawing on our emotional resources when triggered. It means endeavoring to speak with compassion and empathy, but it doesn’t shy away from having the hard conversations. Some topics included are public speaking, having difficult conversations, “ghosting”, expressing gratitude, and connecting with vulnerability.